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Unveiling the Heart of Alala: Meet Lisa Seeger

In the bustling world of Alala, one name shines brightly as a beacon of compassion and dedication – Lisa Seeger. With nearly 16 years of unwavering commitment to her craft, Lisa is not just a Lead Fitter, Travel Fitter, and Lead Custom Scan specialist; she is the epitome of love for her work and genuine care for every person she encounters.

A true customer service enthusiast, Lisa finds her joy in helping people and spreading smiles. From taking sales calls to networking with medical professionals and new potential patients, Lisa's versatility knows no bounds. As a Travel Fitter, she loves exploring new areas to expand Alala's reach and make a difference in the lives of breast cancer patients.

At Alala, Lisa is more than just a team member – she's a pillar of support. She does it all, from packing for travel, conducting custom breast form scans, working with the Alala Cancer Society, and assisting with mail-outs. When challenges arise, Lisa is there to fix them, answer messages, handle faxes, and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Her dedication to making patients feel their best is truly inspiring. Lisa takes pride in ensuring every patient leaves Alala with newfound confidence. Her passion for helping Alala grow in new areas is a testament to her genuine commitment.

Lisa's motivation comes from Alala's founder, Sherry, whose dedication and love for the company inspire her to stay and keep making a positive impact. Being a people person, Lisa thrives in her role, cherishing the connections she makes daily.

Throughout her remarkable journey at Alala, Lisa has been touched by countless heartwarming moments. One unforgettable experience involved a patient who was hesitant about trying a different bra. With patience and understanding, Lisa convinced her to give it a chance. The result? An emotional, tearful hug from a grateful patient who felt perfectly balanced and confident, thanks to Lisa's expertise.

Lisa's passion and dedication are woven into the fabric of Alala, making her an invaluable asset to the team and the patients she serves. With every smile she brings and every life she touches, Lisa exemplifies the heart and soul of Alala.

Join us in celebrating Lisa Seeger – a remarkable individual who continues to inspire us all at Alala, day after day.

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