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Alala Cancer Society

Our purpose is to coordinate resources, awareness, and education for cancer warriors in South Carolina.

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Who We Are



The mission of this organization is to identify, organize, solicit, and provide access to resources that support individuals and communities in the fight against cancer.



The vision of the Organization is to provide prevention education and post-diagnosis resources to cancer warriors by harnessing the power of communities.



We assist cancer warriors across South Carolina by providing the following:

  • Free post-mastectomy supplies

  • Treatment assistance

  • Survivorship resources

  • Educational resources

  • Emotional support resources


We have established a national resource database to assist you in navigating your cancer journey. This database is designed for cancer warriors seeking financial resources, cancer programs, and support

National Resources

to our Sister Site, Cording Concierge for more information on
Axillary Web Syndrome

Cording Concierge is your online resource for lymphatic cording, also known as Axillary Web Syndrome.

They are an organization focused on connecting the dots between breast cancer patients and practitioners specializing in providing Axillary Web Syndrome treatments.

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