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Our mission at Alala is to focus on survivors in a way that will offer them privacy, confidence, and self-respect.

We empower each client to build their self-confidence after initial diagnosis by offering educational resources, support, and supplies for post-surgical care

We aim to be part of all Cancer Warriors' journey

Image by Rebekah Vos

Before Surgery

•    Post-surgical camisole/front closure bra

•    Resource Library access


Before Chemotherapy

•    Caps (to keep your head warm)

•    Turbans/scarves

Image by National Cancer Institute

Before Radiation

•    Healing sprays and creams to alleviate the effects from radiation

•    Sun protective clothing and hats

•    Deodorants without metals

•    A comfortable bra that is easy to put on and take off

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After Surgery

•    At 2-3 weeks: Leisure bra and lightweight form

•    At 6-8 weeks: Custom fitted bra and breast prosthesis

•    At 6 months: Custom breast prosthesis


Other Items We Carry

•    Compression Garments

•    Swimsuits

•    Inspirational Shirts and Items

•    Gifts


Realistic Custom Made Prothesis

  • Custom-made to a woman's unique contour, shape, and profile

  • May help restore a sense of wholeness and confidence

  • Enhanced softness to match natural breast tissue

  • Ask if your insurance will cover

Breast Prosthetics

Pink Sugar

We Exist to Serve YOU

Alala is a one-stop shop for intimate apparel and personal support for women fighting cancer.

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