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Leilani Garcia: The Heart of Alala's Empowerment Mission

Why Alala?

In her very first year at Alala, Leilani Garcia stepped into the realm of empowerment, compassion, and a mission to make a difference. Her journey here was ignited by the profound purpose and mission that Alala embodies. Leilani was drawn to the idea of being part of an organization that empowers every client to rebuild their self-confidence, and she hasn't looked back since.

A Multifaceted Role at Alala

As the youngest member of the Alala team and the first Hispanic staff member, Leilani has swiftly earned a unique nickname, "Alala's Magical Fairy." Her dynamic role encompasses a range of responsibilities, reflecting her ability to soar across various projects. From being the social media coordinator to a receptionist, VA Order Tracking Specialist, and CFM in training, Leilani's versatility knows no bounds.

Her role isn't just about juggling tasks; it's about understanding different cultures and backgrounds. Leilani is enthusiastic about connecting with individuals from diverse perspectives, making Alala an inclusive space for everyone.

Passionate About Empowerment

When it comes to Alala, Leilani's passion radiates through her words and actions. She is deeply passionate about connecting with Alala's patients and empowering them. One of the most rewarding aspects of her job is the opportunity to participate in fittings and witness the transformation of warriors as they regain their sense of beauty and wholeness. For Leilani, there's nothing more heartwarming than building confidence alongside these incredible individuals.

A Family of Inspiration

Leilani draws her inspiration from her family, a constant source of motivation and support. Her two sons and spouse provide unwavering encouragement, while her mom serves as a guiding light, pushing her to strive for continuous improvement.

A Second Home and Family at Alala

While Leilani may not have a specific story to share, what she treasures most about Alala is the sense of belonging. Alala has become her second home, and her colleagues, her family. From day one, everyone at Alala has embraced her with open hearts and arms, mirroring the warmth and support they extend to their clients. Leilani is deeply thankful for her Alala family and cherishes the love and sense of belonging she experiences every day.

In Leilani Garcia, Alala has found a dedicated champion of empowerment and inclusion. Her commitment to making clients feel confident and whole again mirrors the core values of Alala, making her an invaluable asset to the organization.

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