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Services Offered

 Alala offers post surgical support and services by certified professionals. We want survivors to feel comfortable and confident as they make a more informed decision on their recovery.

  • Custom fittings for breast prosthetics, bras, wigs, and compression garments.

  • Custom bra fittings for ANY situation, including reconstruction.

  • Good listeners - if our door is open, so are our hearts.

  • Speakers Bureau – we would love to come and speak to your organization, staff or church group.

  • We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, BCBS and other private insurances 

Custom Breast Prosthesis

Non-Surgical Breast & Nipple Restoration

Now offering handmade custom breast prosthesis by Radiant Impressions. They have over two decades of experience creating the most realistic custom breast prosthesis for women as an alternative to reconstruction, an answer to failed reconstruction, and as a beautiful prosthetic option for all women who have had breast surgery.

• Custom made to a woman’s unique contour, shape and profile
• May help restore a sense of wholeness and confidence
• Enhanced softness to match natural breast tissue

With the use of a laser scanner, a 3D image is quickly created and sent to the Production Studio in Ireland, where Design Engineers create a beautiful custom breast prosthesis that is unique to the surgery site, skin tone, color and characteristics such as freckles, veins, nipple and even a tattoo. Call us to see if your insurance Covers this amazing technology!


Prepare for your Appointment

To make your visit with us faster, you can complete the form on the contact us page and submit the information to us. We will contact you once we receive your information.

Be sure to bring your:

  1. Health insurance card(s)

  2. Prescription (from your physician)

  3. Driver’s license or valid ID 



Thank you x1000 just is not enough to let you know how much I appreciate all your help and thoughtfulness. It was worth going through "chemo-hell" just to meet people like you.



I'm so grateful for your assistance today. The visit was very warm and friendly. My husband and I are very appreciative of your service. I love my beautiful new look and am looking forward to wearing [it] with pride. Thank you for making me whole again.




Thank you so much for all your help.  What a joy for me to visit with you. It is always a pleasure to be with you and all the lovely ladies in your office.

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All our fitters are Certified Fitters, Mastectomy, with certifications issued by the American Board of certification: Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics.

What does that mean for you?

-All fitters have completed over 250 hours of supervised mastectomy patient care, and completed exams to test their knowledge.  So not only is Alala a Nationally Certified Facility, but our fitters are Nationally Certified as well.  You can feel confident in getting the best fit for you.