A Unique Boutique for Today's Warriors

"Alala" in Greek Mythology is defined as "the female spirit of the war cry". As warriors, each of the staff members brings a personal war cry for personal service for women after cancer diagnosis.  Alala, LLC offers a one stop shop for intimate service and personal support.


Since 2006, Alala, LLC has addressed the empowerment needs for women surviving all types of reproductive cancers, but targeting those in need of caring and professional breast prosthetic fitter. Our staff is ready to help with all your recovery needs as a cancer survivor.

We realize the importance of feeling cared for in all aspects during your cancer journey. Our office takes  pride in providing high quality mastectomy/lumpectomy product fittings, lymphedema compression garments, and a stock of hats and scarves. 

All our fitters have certifications issued by the American Board in Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, so you feel confident during your visit.

Alala, LLC

3400 Harden Street Ext

Columbia, SC 29203

Phone: 803-569-4373

Fax: 803-994-9760

Email: CSR@alala.info


Our mission at Alala is to focus on survivors in a way that will offer them privacy, confidence, and self respect.

We empower each client to build their self confidence after initial diagnosis by offering educational resources, support, and supplies for post surgical care.