Went from battling ghost (his brother Miles) on Halloween to battling Cancer.

Baker & Beyond

Childhood Cancer Fund 

Supported by the Alala Cancer Society

About Baker and Beyond

and how we can help

Michael and Alyse’s son Baker Norris was diagnosed with Stage 2 Ependymoma (a form of brain cancer) on January 7,2021, and all they heard was the word Cancer.  Their worst fears culminated in front of their eyes as the world quickly melted away from that 6 letter word. Their tears of sadness and fear for their son started them on a new journey, cancer survival.  


Bills, Childcare, Work, Insurance, Food, Support system

 This is the list that started playing over in their head and how to solve it.


 As Alyse and Michael walked down the hallways of the hospital they were surprised by the amount of babies and children who were left alone in the hospital day and night, not because they were not loved, but because their loved ones had to work to cover all the things on that list. They soon realized how fortunate they were to not just have one parent at the hospital, but two, a great support system, and an understanding job. This is why they wanted to start the Baker & Beyond Fund, not only for Baker, but all families struggling with Childhood Cancer. 


As the days in the hospital come and go the cost of what are now everyday essentials become almost unbearable. The fund is to help patient families with uninsured expenses because they learned firsthand how stressful the hospitalization process can be on the entire family.


Life doesn’t miraculously stop when admitted and the financial responsibilities outside the hospital walls remain. Each family’s need is different and that’s why they wanted to help alleviate financial burdens for other families. This fund is designated to help pay utilities,giving funds for mortgages, groceries, gas, hotels, copays, and anything that can relieve the anxiety of everyday life from initial diagnosis, through treatment, to remission. 


This fund will work to bridge the gap between medical treatment and a child’s full recovery. Although the actual assistance varies from family to family, the impact is ultimately the same; a grateful family able to make their child’s recovery their first priority. In order to realize truly successful outcomes, we must not only treat the child, but the entire family. By covering the cost of a family’s basic needs, we can make a huge impact in the lives of these vulnerable families


Michael and Alyse Norris - along with their other child Miles (6) have spearheaded this campaign.