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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Kim and I have been talking about starting a blog at Alala for quite some time. It is amazing the stories, accomplishment's, and disappointments we have heard, achieved, and survived through the years. I am going to try this and see how it goes. First I need to worn you that I am a horrific speller and writer. I just type away with out hesitation and yes, that gets me in trouble with Kim. You see, I am the organizer between us and she is the grammar Queen.

The quick version of how we met and got started. Kim Neel and I met at a Girl Scout Day Camp where she was the camp director. I volunteered as a helper since Emily was attending. She was disorganized at the registration desk, I had a stapler, and I decided she needed my help. One of the things we were teaching the scouts at camp was personal hygiene ie: brushing teeth, combing hair, deodorant, wearing a bra if needed. I noticed that Kim was wearing a huge pink sweatshirt (during the heat of August) and no bra. I asked her why she was wearing a sweatshirt and she said because it was the only thing that was comfortable for her to wear while she was going through her treatment. I then told Kim that I would help her find a bra that was comfortable. So off we went to find a comfortable bra for her. After being disappointed time and time again at the places we went, I asked Kim if she would want to start a business with me. I told her how I had researched about starting a business on helping breast cancer survivors find the items they need in a place that felt more like home than a retail or medical shop, after my Aunt Kay was diagnosed with cancer. To my surprise, Kim said for me to show her what I have and then agreed we SHOULD start a business. So - we started Alala with the thoughts of what can we do to make the world a better place for breast cancer survivors?

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