How NOT to get a nose job - my diagnosis

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Plastic Surgery - I always thought it would be for a breast lift NOT a nose job.

February 23rd, 2016: After months and months of putting it off, I finally made it to the dermatologist office to have a spot on my nose checked. I started noticing that a pimple kept coming back on my nose sometime in May 2015. It would show its ugly head, then heal. It would disappear again for weeks and then come lurking back once again. Working in the cancer industry, I knew the statistics. If it was skin cancer, it is typically slow growing, treatable, and the prognosis is good. So I ignored. Why on earth would I ignore such a thing? I guess because I was in complete denial. Is this what happens when someone finds an unusual spot on their body? AM I NORMAL? I should know better, right? Practice what you preach they say. Well, I failed at the practicing part I guess. Because I ignored. As soon as the Nurse Practitioner came in the room, she knew. She knew that I would be having a biopsy that day and more than likely surgery in the future to remove more. Wait 7-10 days and we will let you know the finalized results.

March 2, 2016: I was told that I have Basal Cell Carcinoma and they had a surgery date for me. I was like, "what kind of surgery?" She then told me that I would have to have Mohs surgery on my nose at the dermatologist office and then will leave there and head straight over to the plastic surgeons office so he can make me presentable again. At this point, I am OVERWHELMED at the thought. I looked up the Mohs procedure on YouTube and watched and cried. I kept thinking of all my patients that I work with at Alala and wonder if they did the same thing. Did they look up their surgery? Their reconstruction process? Were they like me and worried more about the surgery itself than the actual cancer? I kept going over statistics and prognosis and was good with the odds for me. But I just could not get past the actual surgery part. They were going to be removing part of my nose and then reconstructing it back together again. IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FACE. My picture frame, of me, Sherry.

So - this is where I am at in the process. Deny, ignore, be complacent. Who has taken over my mind and body? This is not how I said I would handle this if it ever happened to me. I guess FEAR has taken over for now and is quickly being followed up by Miss Pissed Off.

I am happy to say that all my worries and fears are now behind me. I am completely healed and my nose looks just fine. It is always better on the finished side of a scary situation. The last picture is the staff at Alala at the time sending me some well wishes that I was not the only one with a big RED nose. That made my day!

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