Hope Lodge - Gift 2: Giving of yourself

Another post from December 2014 that I need to remember from my time at Hope Lodge. I still struggle with this one. It by far is the one I need to work on the most. - Sherry

In my recent post I spoke about how I felt like I was living in a house of angels, waiting to hear or learn my next lesson to fill my soul. Last night was another experience that I will never forget. As I write this, I still grow quiet as I think about what all he said. I do believe that God continues to send us people into our lives to either test our faith or to help it grow. Last night my faith grew.

You see, it was late and I was just coming upstairs to go back to our room around midnight. I ran into Gary just as I was getting something from the kitchen to drink. I said, "I see we have another night owl in the building" jokingly. He said yes but he was downstairs to get something for his wife to drink. His wife was hot, she has lung cancer and the chemo treatments were giving her coughing fits and she felt warm. He thought a glass of ice water would help cool her down and help relieve the cough. We started up conversation about how his wife was diagnosed and all that they had been through to get to the place that he hoped would help spare her life. How they are here at Hope Lodge, just hoping to get her cured. Gary is a man of faith. He is a true believer. He shared with me his story on how he got to know God. How even though he has been a believer for many many years, how he feels like this journey was sent by the Lord to teach him to love his wife as God loves her and him. For his wife deserves to feel this type of devotional love from him as well. He told me about how as his faith grew through the years, he would always think of others and reach out to help their faith grow as well. How sometimes he made others needs more important than his own or his wife, even when he thought he was doing the work of the Lord by showing others how to love, he was not loving in the same way the Lord loved her. He spoke about how he thought the cancer his wife was suffering from was his lesson to learn. His eyes teared up as he was telling me his story. I was so humbled by what he had to say. I tear up thinking what my lesson was from meeting him. For we spoke to each other till 2am as complete strangers. For he was the teacher and I was his student.

Lesson 2: To love my husband and children as God loves them. To make them feel special and loved each and every day, that they know that they are more important than everyone else.

You see, since I have been here, I get up by 6 to make sure Joanne gets her medicine. I go to the kitchen and fix her breakfast. I want to make sure that she starts her day off right. The guilt I feel for not doing this for my family breaks my heart. I should be making this effort for them. For they are embedded deep in my soul. My purpose. My life. I need to remember the words that not only he has said to me but my mother and father too. If you give out all of you to others, you are going to have nothing left to give to yourself or your family.

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