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The Sock-On is a simple donning device designed to assist you wearing your custom or ready to wear compression knee high stockings. Sock-On allows for you to easily roll compression stockings past your ankle and up to the calf. The Sock-On is also available in both standard and custom sizes.

Contact ALALA for custom sizing and pricing.


How to Use the Sock-On

  1. Start with the Sock-On up right on a secure flat surface such as a table or counter top. Drape your stocking inside the Sock-On, aligning the heel with the Alala logo.
  2. Slide your compression stocking over the top of the Sock-On. Working the stocking down over the Sock-On.
  3. Stop loading the your compression stocking when the heel is at the top of the Sock-On.
    * Remember to align the heel of the stocking with the back of the Sock-On.
    * Keep the top of the stocking from going over the bottom of the Sock-On.
    * The use of gloves does ease donning for heavier compression stockings.

    *** Support yourself with a stable counter or table while performing the next steps. ***
  4. Placing the Sock-On on the floor and work your toes to the end of the stocking.
  5. Push your heel down through the Sock-On turning your toes out ending with your foot flat on the floor.
  6. Finish by pulling your stocking up your calf with or with out the Sock-On. Adjust the stocking for proper placement and fit.