Alala: A unique boutique for today's surviving woman


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02-05-2007 04:44
Ruth M. Cornell ( Office , Pampered Chef ) rcornellpchef <at> yahoo <dot> com

Thank you Kim and Sherry for hosting the Help Whip Cancer show for me! I love my new bra and wear it all the time. Sincerely, Ruth Cornell (803)309-1104

18-03-2007 07:09
Jacqueline Shipp-Agnelly ( Ellisville, MS , USA ) truckbird <at> aol <dot> com

I want to thank you for helping across the miles for "My Friend, Shirley". In a note to me she says "I don't know what I would have done without the camisoles and bra". What a wonderful service you are providing, not only there in Columbia, SC but all over. Thank you for your reaching out to "Sisters" and their families and providing this much needed service.

26-02-2007 17:09
Cynthia Pretorius ( Salem, Massachusetts , USA ) houstonmontclaire <at> yahoo <dot> com

I love the write up about you guys under "fitter of the month". I had a woman who was helping me with my business plan contact you. Unfortunately, that didn't work out because opening a mastectomy boutique isn't like opening a regular lingerie and retail store.

I'd love to discuss with you what it took to get your business plan and business running. Can't wait to hear from ya!

21-02-2007 12:05

Dear Alala,

     Thank you so much for giving me a fabulous set of boobs and a couple of bras that make me still feel like a woman!  You have no idea how good it felt walking out of the store with at least the option of having breasts or not. have a wonderful operation there and I was very impressed.  Your compassion and empathy is very evident and I'm sure  is a key component of your success. ...



13-02-2007 15:46
unknown ( Columbia SC , USA ) gjames <at> bleuinc <dot> com

Thanks for providing such caring service!